Update: Aikido

Aikido classes will now be available in the Low Hill Community Centre starting 13th June.


It will cost £3.00 per session, and is for ages 16 and over and will be from 8:00pm to 9:30pm every Thursday.


For more information, please contact the instructor, Nick Watson on 0794 132 1028.


Job fair a success

We are pleased to announce that the job fair that was held today was a success.


Many people attended and visited to see:


  • local job opportunities
  • information on how to become self-employed
  • how to improve your CV,
  • course information
  • advice on benefits
  • how the the bedroom tax will affect them (plus to dispel some myths that currently surround it)
  • what support measures are in place for those who have fallen on hard times, including information on the food bank
  • and more.


We still have some leaflets and information left over from the employers for people who couldn’t attend. If you would like one please visit the Community Centre before they are all gone.


Low Hill Library: Protect yourself online

The Low Hill Library is offering to teach people how to protect themselves from online threats. This will be running from the 18th May 2013 until the 24th May 2013; why not drop in or phone on 01902 556293 to learn more?


Low Hill Library

Showell Circus


WV10 9LY


Please be aware that Low Hill Library is closed on Wednesdays.

Bushbury Hill EMB: Family Fun Day

Bushbury Hill EMB will be holding a fun day on Thursday, 25th July 2013, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

Anyone and everyone is invited. Refreshments and entertainment will be provided. For more information, please contact Bushbury Hill EMB on 01902 552994, or check their website or Facebook.

If you see Wednesday, 24th July advertised, this date is no longer correct as it has been postponed an additional day. The Bushbury Hill EMB’s address is as follows:

The Management Centre

14 Kempthorne Avenue


WV10 9JG

What is aikido?

Aikido is a martial art which originates from Japan. It is used as a form of self defence, fitness, and also can be used as a form of meditation.


Aikido uses throws, grapples, and joint locks, and uses an attacker’s force to overwhelm them.


The word aikido is broken up into three kanji, or Chinese characters:


合 – ai – joining, unifying, combining, fit
気 – ki – spirit, energy, mood, morale
道 – dō – way, path



Please note: all participants in the Low Hill Community Centre’s aikido classes will be fully covered by liability insurance.