History of Bushbury Manor 1588

Beating the Bounds of Bushbury Manor, September 12th 1588

There   are two slightly different accounts, both in the Bushbury Manor Papers in the   Foxley Collection at Hereford Record Office, although copies are available at   the Wolverhampton Reference Library.

The   text quoted is taken from the P.T.Hinckes mss.: “Copied from the   parchment covered book written about the year 1725 or 1726 by Blest   Colclough”.

This   list of people who walked the bounds on that day is taken from the other   version:

Jury. Samson Eggington, Edward   Careless, John Wood, Francis Finney, Thomas Beckett, Francis Challenor, Henry   Bradley, Mathew Kenrick

Others. John Marthe of Hampton, Thomas   Austen. Gent. of Oxley, Richard Smith of Hampton, Traunter of Coven, Robert   Smith of Hampton, Perry son of John of Fordhouses, Thomas Carswall of Coven   Heath, Richard Hanson of Moseley, Jonas Underhill and Solomon Grosvenor with   others.

“It   begins at Twichul Brook in Stony Lane between the land of Wm. Foxall on ye   west side and the land of Mr. Underhill on the east. Along ye lane to Penny   Cross to a cross lane called Rumbelow Green near Oldfallings and from   Rumbelow Green by a certain lane called Gosbrook Lane betwixt Hampton field   and Sewall inclusive leaving out Wolverhampton field and following by the   pales of Sewall inclosing those pales to Gosbrook and down that brook to   Gosbrook Ford alias Green and from thence going down that brook to ye angle of   Wonendown field and from thence by and beyond a little meadow called Park   Meadow alias Wolver Meadow and by the view of old brook unto ye head of   Saltmore Meadow, and from thence following the old watercourse to a certain   parcel of meadow called Ganderneck Dole to a mere stone: and from thence by a   Dole called Duke’s Dole, and following by the old watercourse by stones and   bounds there put to Richard’s Pleck and leaving out Richard’s Pleck to a   brook leading to Tettenhall, going up that brook to Oxley Gate in Byshb:   meadow otherwise called Saltmores and thence to the upper end of a dole   belonging to Elston and thence by a rivulet to the upper end of a meadow of   Gregory Woodward and so by the upper end of that meadow crossing to   Ganderneck Dole, and thence going by ye brook to an angle of Park Meadow and   up the ditch of that meadow to a little marler in the wast there near the   land of Oxley Farm: thence to the Portway thence to Park Lane and Wollery   Green and so by the land of Oxley Farm and leaving out the same to a lane   leading from Low Hill to Rake Yate, to the corner of the hedge of Jo. Wyatt   in Oxley, and going down that hedge to the corner of Oxley Meadow including   the same and taking in that meadow and following the hedges of the land of   Elston Farm under Penford Wood, leaving out Wood Meadow going up to the   corner of a pasture or leasow of Thos. Wobaston called the March, and thence   by the head of Challenor’s Meadow to Penford Marshes taking in Penford   marshes and following those hedges to Marsh Lane, and going up that lane, and   taking in that lane betwixt Wobaston’s field and the field of Penford to a   corner of Alleycroft, and down the lane near Alleycroft Lake, and thence   following the old ditch beyond Alleycroft to the hedge corner extending into   the watercourse going to Coven Mill to Dicken Meadow, taking into that   meadow, going down by the old brook to Miry Moor and taking in that Moor to   Coven Mill pool bank, and the flood gate of the same mill, taking in the pool   dam and ye house mill which Hitcncock did then inhabit and following from   thence the old ditch beyond the land of John Danet Esq. to meerstone lying   near the house of Thomas Bavershaw and so following the middle that brook to   Warwickford and thence by Warwickford Lane to Mill Croft and leaving out Mill   Croft to Moseley Brook and up that brook to Washford and up that brook to   Berrybrook and up that brook to Twichel and so to Stony Lane.”



At this   distance in time it is almost impossible to trace the exact route of the   bounds as described. A few places can however be identified:

1.   Stony Lane was probably the old Underhill Lane.

2.   Penny Cross was at the road junction near the present “Pear Tree”   inn.

3.   Rumbelow Green took its name from the nearby farm, and was at the road junction   at the end of Oldfallings Lane and Park Lane.

4.   Sewall was Seawall or Showell, at the junction of Fourth Avenue and Guy   Avenue.

5. The   Portway was an ancient route roughly followed by the present path from Fox’s   Lane to the “Paget Aran”.

6.   Wollery Green was a settlement in the region of the present “Oxley   Arms” in Bushbury Lane.

7.   Alleycroft Lake was between Marsh Lane and Coven Heath. (There was of course   no canal in 1588.)

8.   Coven Mill stood until a few years ago to the west of the Heath.

9. Warwickford   was where the old route from Stafford to Warwick forded the stream which runs   roughly east to west near the 1940s armaments factory. (In the 1727 estate   map of Moseley the adjoining field is named Warwickford field.)

10.   Mill Croft was a field adjoining Moseley Green.

11.   Moseley Brook and Berry Brook are lengths of the same watercourse, now known   as the Waterhead Brook. Moseley Pool is not mentioned so was probably not yet   constructed.


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