We know the current economic climate is difficult, and we know that the bills are high. Fortunately, the Low Hill Community Centre offers support to those who need it.

Individual links coming soon.

We offer:

  • NEW Friends Credit Union — this service offers low-interest micro-loans to help you pay the bills. Please note that money is not kept on site for security purposes, so you will need to let us know in advance.
  • Food Bank  — the food bank is run by The CHHP, who kindly offer a free food service. It is run by donations, and so donations, however small, would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to use the food bank, you will need to be referred.
  • Employment services — we offer employment services, such as a job club, to help improve your CV, creating professional covering letters, help using the internet, and free (monitored) internet usage for job searches.
  • Employment opportunities — we display job offers that can be found within Wolverhampton on our board.
  • Courses — The Low Hill Community Centre offers courses for its users, allowing members to improve their employability by gaining additional skills.

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